The Shack Stream 1998-04-24 – SUPER GROOVY 2nd SET


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This show is actually the 2nd time I saw the band live — the first being the previous evening, 4/23/1998, in Portland, ME. My memory of this night, especially Set II, is one of everyone just grooving — like the entire theatre. It was one of the most attentive audiences I remember being with and everyone was dancing and into the grooves.

The first set was once again just the trio, which was the case the night before and was the pattern for the tour, basically. This made me happy because I honestly was skeptical of DJ Logic’s input at the time, not being a fan of DJs in general, so getting to hear just the three of them for the first set(s) was great. MMW’s performances of Africa on this tour are HUGE and expansive. The band really owns the song and this night is no exception, making its way into what I believe to be a tune/jam that developed out of their Africa performances: “Chris & Tam” is the fan-assigned name for the tune — check out Billy’s always impressive tambourine work! And I’ve always really dug that short Improv that precedes Latin Shuffle.

Set II still stands as one of my favourite sets for listening, all these years later. From the opening woodblocks that started the grooviest set I’ve experienced live: through the various tunes I knew and loved (Dracula & Night Marchers); the new tunes I’d just heard for the first time the night before (Sugar Craft, Start/Stop & No Ke Ano Ahiahi); and the wild improvisation and wacky cover selections (Golden Lady & My Little Suede Shows) — this set has everything that makes a HOT MMW SET! The first half of the set is SUPER GROOVY (that Toy Dancing Improv is unreal!) and then breaks down to the beauty of No Ke Ano where the band pauses briefly; then the 2nd half builds through some wacky sounds to culminate in a rockin’ Night Marchers.

I could talk about this set all day, but why don’t you just have listen … you’ll hear it …

enjoy the grooves,

    Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA

    Set 1: Drum Intro > Africa > “Chris & Tam”, Coconut Boogaloo, Just Like I Pictured It, Improv > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Tubby

    Set 2: Improv > Dracula > Improv > Toy Dancing Improv > Sugar Craft > Golden Lady > Start/Stop > No Ke Ano Ahiahi, Improv > My Little Suede Shoes*, Improv$ > Combustication% > Night Marchers

    Encore: Gonzo

    # with DJ Logic opening, in between sets, and sitting in the entire second set
    * Charlie Parker cover
    $ with a Chubb Sub tease
    % with Spy Kiss bassline

– SET I –

– SET II –

MMW w/ DJ Logic c.1998

MMW w/ DJ Logic c.1998

MMW 1998-04-24 Ticket Stub

MMW 1998-04-24 Ticket Stub

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