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Wood & Martin 2004-05-28 @Harmony Park Music Garden, Geneva, MN

Wood & Martin 2004-05-28 @Harmony Park Music Garden, Geneva, MN

MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD – April Grooves 2004 – vols.I-V

So I loved these April 2004 Improv gigs so much and wanted to listen to these Improvs/grooves in different contexts so I boiled down the 7 nights that circulate into the more song oriented/groove moments; not because everything surrounding these moments should be ignored (because these shows need to be heard in their entirety as well). I made this compilation so I’d have a means of listening to these grooves from different perspectives. I mean no disrespect to the spirit of the initial improvisations, but thought I’d share these discs with you folks thinking you might dig ’em.

enjoy the grooves,
dug (2005)

    April Grooves 2004 – vols.I-V
    Various Venues (April 16-24/2004)

    Abrupt Melody, Likesoul, Bass Muffle, Alone on the Avenue, Medeski Pulse, Sliding Down, Acoustic Bass Line Melody, Carnivàle, Sly’s Sneakin’, Bowing Bubbles, Movin’ To Slow, This Way to San José, Yet Another Opportunity to Boogie

    Vol.II: Warbly Keys, Lull/I can see Chris’ face, Drvin’, Slumber to Wake, Afro Hues, Wood Pulse II, Is that a Broken Groove?, A Bunch in 1, Goonzoo, Tension, Is that you Sly?, Swingin’ Shine, Dark-Out, A Shacklyn Mid-Afternoon

    Vol.III: That Is Not Zamphir, Reggae-Ish, Step-up Chris, Quiet Build, Harsh Flute Bender, Gospel Dread, It’s Legal, A Note Blew, Falling Back, Hyper, Water Keys, Them Deadlies, Hey Jim

    Vol.IV: Preacher John, Funky Felic, Frantic Boogie, Heavy Sugar, Cool & Creeping, Quicky-blues, Tribal Note, It’s right behind you!, Dysfunctional Reggae, Stand-Up, Diggin’ Bones, Wood Pulse, Shucks, A Chance to Dance w/Moti (Again)

    Vol.V: Smelly Belly, Funk March, Hopping on One Foot, After the Worms, Swirl of Oil, Gospel-ly and Pumpin’, Cool Bass Sound, Dramatic Groove, Bass Digger, Break ‘n’ Dig, Creepy Magic, Thinking, Sorta Sasa, Steel Saucers

    Notes about the tracks:

    – I joined all the tracks from a particular set into one large track before I
    started editing so the timings reflect the entire timing for a particular set

    – Each track has the month/day of the show and the set/groove where the Improv
    comes from, followed by the time where the Improv occurs in the overall length
    of its specific set
    For example:
    4/21 – obvious
    s1/g07 means the 7th groove I found/determined was in the set
    ’40:41-46:27′ means that Improv took place 40 minutes into that set

    – Next I took the liberty of ‘naming’ these grooves as a way for me to keep
    them organized. I named them either for something they made me think of as
    descriptive at the time (ie. ‘Bass Muffle’). Or, if the Improv reminded me of
    another MMW tune or another song at all, I named it in a way that might
    remind the listener of the actual tune’s title (ie. something about the
    ‘Is That You Sly?’ Improv on v.II reminded me of ‘Where’s Sly?’).

    – Please excuse some of the edits; I’m obiviously not a professional.
    – Each track fades in and fades out.
    – Volume level is inconsistent due to the variety of sources used;
    some software will allow you to burn at a consistent volume level
    – Most of these are arranged for 80min discs
    – As always, enjoy the grooves!
    –compiled by dug (mmwshackproject AT gmail DOT com) April 2005 (Finally! A year in the making)


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