MMW in Japan 10 years ago – 12/29/2005

MMW @Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan 2005-12-29

MMW @Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan 2005-12-29

Taking us back 10 years to a night with the trio in Japan …

MMW rarely plays around New Years, but 2005 gave us a couple of public gigs, and I believe 12/30 was a private gig for friends in Japan. 12/29 is the trio straight up giving us a dose of the 2005-vibe improvisations to start the evening and then some tunes that had been rocking the year, including Tootie Ma which would later appear on the 2006 MSMW release Out Louder. The opening improvisations are worth the download/stream, but stay for the tunes! I love After the Onsen or Who the Fuck? at any time, and this gig’s performances don’t disappoint. The final Sasa > Bass > EOTWP run is sweet and the 2 distinct encores show the crowd was loving the band and the band was loving that night.

enjoy the grooves,


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Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan
Thursday, December 29, 2005


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