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    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file Lucille’s, Knoxville, TN
    Sunday, September 12, 1993
    Set 1: United, Chubb Sub

    Set 2: Syeeda’s Song Flute, Friday Afternoon In The Universe, Hermeto’s Day Dream, Wiggly’s Way, Moti Mo

    Setlist incomplete
    Includes band interviews

– SET I partial (tracks 1-2) –
– SET II partial (tracks 3-5) –
– Set II (Partial) + Interviews (tracks 6-11) –


– Set I/II mix + Interviews –
@00:00 – ‘Announcer Intro’*
@00:50 – Syeeda’s Song Flute//+
@03:23 – ‘Interviews’
@05:24 – Chubb Sub
@17:41 – ‘Interview’
@19:04 – Friday Afternoon In the Universe^
@27:19 – Hermeto’s Day Dream
@36:47 – ‘Interview’
@37:39 – Wiggly’s Way
@43:59 – ‘Announcer Outro’
@44:16 – ‘Interview’%
@44:46 – Moti Mo//$

* Syeeda’s is playing under the introduction then the image fades over to the band in progress
+ fades out as the song is cut short by interviews
^ titled “Hermeto’s Daydream” on screen during the video
% Moti Mo is playing under the announcer then the image fades over to the band in progress
$ fades out as the song is cut short by the video ending

NOTE: This is basically a local TV station’s “special” on the out-of-town “jazz” group visiting Lucille’s.

The Shack Project celebrates MMW @25 years!

Welcome to what I hope will be a weekly series. I’ve had folks ask about me sharing and recommending some live MMW, so I hope this helps lead some of you over to the dark side of the groove – MMW!

For this first FRIDAY AFTERNOON IN THE UNIVERSE (FAITU) we go all the way back to 1993, MMW are roughly 2 years into their development at this point and are well into exploring the electric side of their sound, having started together in a more acoustic set-up in ‘91– Chris is still holding to the stand-up at this point (in later interviews we’ll hear Chris talk about how he disliked many electric bass sounds, so it took him a while to find what he liked). This particular gig, at a club in Knoxville, TN called Lucille’s, while incomplete is an interesting glimpse into a young band hungry to bust out their sound.

MMW @Lucille's, Knoxville, TN 1993-09-12

MMW @Lucille’s, Knoxville, TN 1993-09-12

We’ve got both audio and video available for you, each offering something a little different. Some of the audio is a little cleaner sounding, but the video is WELL worth soaking in to see the guys tackling some “classic” MMW in the early years and also getting a chance to hear them talk about their craft in various interview segments – the video comes from a Local TV station’s coverage of the performance.

And, of course, my first FAITU sharing *has* to include that most groovy of tunes: Friday Afternoon In the Universe itself! The video labels it incorrectly as it appears just before Hermeto’s Daydream actually starts, but it’s a nice early take on the tune which would eventually be released a couple of years later on an album by the same name. (One of the interviews has John raving about Hermeto Pascoal and the development of the Daydream tune – VERY cool to hear! Gotta check out some Hermeto, folks!)

happy Friday and enjoy the grooves,

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