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As I sat to write something for this gig I stumbled upon my old friend Todd’s post (aka newplanet7), so I thought I’d just share the words he posted last time he shared this show a few years ago because if this doesn’t sell you on this gig, not sure what will. Hopefully Todd doesn’t mind me sharing his post:


newplanet7 2011-11-02 22:14:37

I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS SHOW and the lengthy summary will prove it.
Quite a drive for me for what in my mind I was thinking NH to Maine easy. It’s about four hrs of FML roads. However, SO SO SO worth the trip.
Got there early with the wifey and had some food and brews. It seemed at that point that the crowd was going to a low attended show. Right before doors and soon after, people seemed to come from nowhere. This was my second time meeting the nights tapers Scott and Dave. Always great to hand and or tape with those fellas.

So as it ended up right before lights go down me, Scott, and Dave were staked out stage friggin’ lip, where the stage was only 6 inches off the floor more towards Medeski side. So I was a blocker for the night and there were some strange Maine drunkards there, believe me. Always(even way the hell in Maine) a few BUBBLEHOUSE SCREAMERS AND DISCO CALLERS showed but great crowd. The stage was so tiny the boys had to walk through the crowd to exit for set-break.

A large portion of the t00nes at the time were new and would become the 2006 setlist. Some nasty, dirty, filthy Improv to start the shit off is always welcome. What absolutely killed it for me was the segues. Illy b was dropping break-beats right before a stellar THICK Hanuman. I love this tune without guitar. The set was finished off in style and hadus edge of seat style for set two.

So, the segues were mainly Illyb inspired and continued in the second set. They were feeling it BIG TIME. Nasty Cat Creeps breakdown between Billy and John and this one smoked. Think~> New Planet came up and blew the fucking place apart! Download this show JUST FOR THIS SEQUENCE. You can hear Woody scatting his basslines for Think. New Planet is straight funk on a mission to destroy and then heal.

As I stated before, this show basically features tunes that become 2006 set-lists. The exception was a way out tune called Exploration. This is a cover but with MMW threading the needle. It goes out and puts you into a trance and then they throw it into a reggae dub maddening groove! Fucking love it!!
This gave birth somehow to one of the smoothest but energy packed Partido. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

Scott did such a great job capturing this show which IMO was an instant classic. THIS REASON AUDIENCE TAPES WILL ALWAYS SMOKE SBDS. you are there with us stage lip in the shit with a smile, blocking the stand and entrenched in the improv. The recording has such a great sound-stage and is exactly what I heard. John right, Chris ctr, and billy left and all transsition nicely from one to the next. Throw on some Phones and clse your eyes and you’re there. Beautiful!




enjoy the grooves,

    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file White Cap Lodge – Sunday River, Bethel, ME
    Saturday, February 25, 2006
    Set 1: Improv > Improv > Hanuman, What’d I Say, Note Bleu > Percussion Improv > The Letter, New New Orleans

    Set 2: Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want To Die) > Cat Creeps, Where’s The Music, Think > Improv > New Planet, Shackman, Exploration > Partido Alto, Queen Bee

    Encore: Let’s Go*

    * aka Everyone Poops; new from upcoming Children’s CD; while Billy announces the encore tune as Everyone Poops, the album found the song being titled Let’s Go.

– SET I (tracks 1-7) –
– SET II (tracks 8-17) –

MMW @Community Theatre, Morristown, NJ 2006-02-23

MMW @Community Theatre, Morristown, NJ 2006-02-23


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