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This is an effort to share an archive of all existing recordings of live Medeski Martin & Wood shows, and yes, preserving the audio of the original SHN/FLAC filesets — but now with a twist. We are now seeding ID3 FLAC encoded filesets of db.etree sources which still maintains the audio integrity.

Thanks to MMW for allowing their music to be recorded….really, thank you.

Huge thanks goes out to the TAPERS, without whom this wouldn’t be possible…and those others who have helped get the tunes to our ears.

These shows are all being listened to, setlists updated, flaws noted and/or corrected, and hopefully we’re circulating the best seeds we can.

All shows listed here in SHN/FLAC will be seeded:

These shows will be seeded as well, either by me or by one of a few other kind souls:

Shows listed here circulate in some manner. We are looking for as close to the original source as we can get so if you can help out with any of the following, we’d all appreciate it:
(this list is in the process of being compiled and is grossly out of date … maybe forever? Worth a look though!)

dug listening to grooves

dug listening to grooves

enjoy the grooves,

MMW c.2002/03


MMW Shack Selections


  1. I saw an incredible MMW acoustic show at the Kimmel center in Philla, PA back on 5/7 of ’04. Probably one of the most unbelievable musical experiences of my life. I have NEVER been able to find any recording of this..

    Any idea why? Venue restrictions?

    Any chance you know where I can dig up some of that love?

  2. Turn up the clav

    Can’t say enough about how good the sound quality is on this soundboard recording. Incredible show and sound.

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