MMW Setlists



MMW History Page

  • The most comprehensive collection of MMW concert history and setlists, along with extensive side-project data. The site has awesome filters for viewing shows from different years for just the band, shows with guests, or shows by each band member. CHECK IT OUT!
  • This data is maintained by The Shack Project.

View from Above - 2003

View from Above – 2003 Shows/Setlists

  • A parallel data set to the MMW History Page, with each site providing different ways of viewing similar data. offers the options to view setlists by various years, but also provides discrete views of setlists from specific shows with links to various sources, which is also possible through the MMW History Page. Each site offers different things. In db.etree you can also create a collection list of your recordings and sync that within the database.
  • This data is maintained by The Shack Project.

Medeski - 2011-03-10

Medeski – 2011-03-10 Sources/Setlists

  • Once again, the data found here links into/from the shows in db.etree, and the MMW History Page. This collection of sources can be viewed in various different ways, synced to your recordings list, and provides setlist/textfile downloads from the various sources catalogued in this database. The source information is for archival information purposes and does not provide actual show downloads, hence The Shack Project — our sources are catalogued in this part of
  • This data is maintained by The Shack Project.
  1. what a fantastic treasure trove this site is!!!!! Thanks everyone for pulling this all together and sharing with those of us not fortunate enough to have been at the gigs!!
    Stay sane all!

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