The Shack FAQ

These live shows are being shared via bittorrent, which will require a little effort on your part for a HUGE pay off of tunes!


  1. What is “The Shack”? Why “Shack”?
  2. What is Bittorrent?
  3. Do I need to install something?
  4. Where can I find MMW concert setlists?


  1. What is “The Shack”? Why “The Shack Project”?
    • The Shack is both a literal and figurative place. MMW have been known to retreat to a literal Shack in Hawaii to stretch their musical muscles and expand that territory. There is also an NYC-area studio they use called Shacklyn. This literal Shack has thus prompted the band to bring their SHACK PARTY vibe out on the road from time to time, which has resulted in some shows featuring stunning improvisation. And so, the band likes to Shack, which has now become a term referring to the band’s penchant for live improvisation.

      And so, The Shack Project was born to circulate those moments of Shacking, whether they happen inside a tune or way outside.

  2. What is Bittorrent?
    • “BitTorrent is an open protocol for sharing large files and filesets. It’s super easy to use. BitTorrentDownloads are started just by clicking on small .torrent files or hyperlinks which are opened with your choice of BitTorrent client. Downloaders get pieces of the fileset from the original server, and from anyone else who is downloading. The more people there are downloading the same thing, the lower the burden on the central server, and the faster everyone’s downloads get, due to sharing with each other. The more, the merrier!” (from etree wiki)

  3. Do I need to install something?

  4. Where can I find MMW concert setlists?
    • MMW History Page is *the* definitive source for all your MMW setlist needs, and also provides setlists for the band members’ various side-projects. Try the filters on the page!
    • also has up-to-date setlists.
    • The Shack Project maintains the setlist data in both sites!

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