MMW - 2012-10-05 Boston, MA

MMW – 2012-10-05 @Jordan Hall, Boston, MA

Welcome to THE SHACK PROJECT home!

We are sharing lossless recordings of live Medeski Martin & Wood shows via bittorrent on, and THE SHACK TORRENTS are LIVE ALL THE TIME! LIVE 24/7/365!

Please email if a torrent is not seeding

Use the menu along the top to find lists of torrents providing downloads of concerts from various years, and select special shows at times as well.

The site is new and should see some improvements in the near future, but the main priority is:

enjoy the grooves,




The Shack Project is now streaming a select collection of LIVE MMW shows 24/7/365!
Visit The Shack Stream page to see a list of available shows. You can stream music on your computer or to your mobile device.

Visit Apps for!


  1. It would be kool if there was a medeski Martin and wood on demand app like the phish one

    • no; is exactly what this should NOT become

      • mmwshackproject

        Mike, what’s the problem with I’m not overly familiar with the site — actually just found it the other day for the first time, but I thought the interface was pretty slick for the streaming part of the operation, but I have no actual experience using the site (I have all that PHISH already).

  2. Or a way to stream the shows without downloading every single one

    • mmwshackproject

      While you were posting this thought, I was quietly loading up tunes into the site, but if you’d looked at the menu above you’d have noticed THE SHACK STREAM, which I’ve now “officially” launched as of yesterday:

      … check it out! You can stream some select shows online now … I can only house so many tunes (space = $$), but I’ve got a bunch of shows available for your perusal and I’m loading more every day …


      • Dug,

        Thank you so much for the this site, and your time and energy to make it happen. As a longtime fan and Camp MMW 2008 vet, this is now a go to site for me. Cheers


  3. thank you for making this music so accessible. we’re listening!

  4. I just discovered your awesome website, thank you for the effort!

  5. Dug,

    Please add me to The Shack Project email list. Thanks


    Do you have this??? Can you Seed to ETREE???

  7. Need some help tracking out msmw1998-09-26… Please get in touch! – Terry Watts

  8. oops, that should be “smsw1998-09-26”, ie Scofield, Medeski, Stubblefield, Wood…

    • mmwshackproject

      Terry, my apologies for the delay! Busy with my theatrical interests lately … I’ll check, but I think I do have this and if so, I’ll let you know in the next day or so!

  9. matthew kren

    Just heard about this website and Very cool! Glad to be able to access all these recordings via one website. I look forward to watching thid collection/endeavor grow. Props!

  10. Re. source selection of shows: your curations are most appreciated. I consider myself a very picky listener, readily dispensing with low-quality recordings in favor of the good ones, and your selections never disappoint. Keep up the good work!

  11. any chance of an app? How does this work on a mobile?

  12. Michael D Anniballe

    Hey Duggie, you headed to the NYC shows at all?

    I’ll be headed to the Wednesday show and would love to buy you a drink for all you do for my MMW addiction.

    Let me know!

    • mmwshackproject

      HA! Would have loved to take you up on that drink offer, man! Hell, would have loved being in the room, but alas … NYC is a pretty far trek for me, and I was touring a play here in my home province of New Brunswick during Jan-Feb, so was too busy to have arranged it … maybe some other time! 😉

  13. Just found this site. Thanks very much!!! Really love the grooves and jams.

  14. Any thought of adding a message board/forum to this site? MMW has very passionate and knowledgeable listeners that after 20 years I still do not see a common place to virtually congregate. Be well and thanks for all the music and energy you put into to articulating what you hear in the music….F

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