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    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file White Rabbit, Austin, TX
    Friday, May 05, 1995
    Set 1: Chinoiserie, The Lover > Pakalolo, Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps), Sequel, Lonely Avenue

    Set 2: Think, Beeah, Bass Solo > Worms* > Open Improv > Caravan > We’re So Happy, Chubb Sub, Crosstown Traffic

    Encore: Bemsha Swing / Lively Up Yourself

    * with Bemsha Swing beginning/teases

Wood + Martin @Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX 1996-04-13

– SET I (tracks 1-7) –
– SET II (tracks 8-17) –


“Don’t fuck with John Medeski.”
– Billy Martin

— this comment from illyB near the end of the first set is a good summation of the gig, but let’s extend it to the trio as a whole. Not gonna blab on about this gig in detail. This is *classic* ’95, but turned up to eleven — this could arguably be the hottest show we have of ’95, and that’s saying A LOT! My Shack buddy, Mike (aka shackaholic) had this to say upon originally seeding this show:

If you were to have just one MMW recording from 1995, this would be a great candidate. The first set is average to slightly above average (the Pakalolo is excellent however).

The second set is a highlight set, IMO. The Think, We’re So Happy and Chubb Sub are all amazing versions. The rest of the second set is great too and features a Worms with a funky beginning. It’s as if they were going to do a Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself but instead about 40 seconds in or so, it morphs into Worms.

Great great show that I highly recommend downloading.

Mike (aka shackaholic)

I’m gonna counter Mike’s assessment of Set 1 with this: He was blinded by the FIRE that is Set 2! HA! But, IMHO, the 1st set of this gig is MORE than average. Again, everything about this show is indeed classic ’95, but with a twist, a heightened energy — an extra sweet Pakalolo; the “usual” killer Drum Solo inside LCTDT(P); an early Sequel, born from It’s A Jungle In Here’s demise; that Bemsha fake-out to start Worms?; the run of tunes following Worms. All of this is standard for 1995, sorta, but this gig just lifts it all that much more from the first moment … at least to my ears. Yeah, even the first set is tops! The move out of the end of ripping The Lover > Pakalolo is, well, check it out …

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t note how intense and tight Beeah is in this gig — it’s a favourite of mine, and it was interesting to hear Chris say at a recent interview down in NOLA that this tune was written from a need: they had a first “official” gig and needed tunes! Glad they did! Beeah is sublime … and perfect for this Friday Afternoon In The Universe

enjoy the grooves,

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