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    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA
    Saturday, April 19, 1997
    Set 1: “Dysfunctional Ash Groove”, Just Like I Pictured It, Open Improv/Intro > Start/Stop, Henduck, Hip Chops

    Set 2: Disrobe > Open Improv/Intro > Fast Clicks, Drum Intro > Latin Shuffle (w/ Bass Solo), Macha > Wiggly’s Way, Night Marchers, Pakalolo

Wood c.1997

– SET I (tracks 1-9) –
– SET II (tracks 10-19) –

New to wide circulation. Only a handful of folks are noted as having this, and what we got were 2 large WAV files, one for each set. Unknown source, but don’t let that scare you off — this sounds quite good. The band continues to tweak and develop the eventual COMBUSTICATION songs, along with their new covers and some other new tunes that never make it to an album.

I’ve fallen in love with “Dysfunctional Ash Groove” — love hearing how it shifts and jives over the course of this tour … so strange to never hear from it again. It opens this gig and sets the mood in fine fashion … this might be the latest Pakalolo we have on record, until the 2011 spring request sets. Oh, and that move from Disrobe > Open Improv/Intro > Fast Clicks is GREAT stuff! (2 other tunes that never make it to an MMW album; Disrobe makes a Soundtrack appearance though.)

enjoy the grooves,

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