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  • MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD w/ Karl Denson
    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
    Friday, April 13, 2007
    One Set: Baby Goats, New Planet, Back & Forth, Piano Intro > What’d I Say, Friday The 13th* > Bass Solo > Fuck You Guys+, Exploration# > Bass Solo > Bass’n’Sax# > Bemsha Swing / Lively Up Yourself#, End Of The World Party

    Encore: Chubb Sub

    One Set Show

    * Thelonious Monk tune
    + 1st known MMW performance
    # w/ Karl Denson – Karl comes out about halfway through Exploration

    double-bill w/ Greyboy Allstars

MMW 2007-04-13 ticket stub

– ONE SET (tracks 1-11) –

The first of a two-night stand w/ the Greyboy Allstars at The Fillmore, this show is packed with energy and a funky feel overall — not too much straying from the groove in this gig, but man do they slam that groove around!

This is the MMW debut of Fuck You Guys, which John debuted with The Itch in the summer of ’06. Cool to hear the band revisit Friday the 13th by Thelonious Monk — LOVE hearing John playing Monk! — wonder what brought that on? Track had sounded familiar for years and in my last round of sharing this show a guy identified the Monk tune; the last (and I believe only?) time the band played that tune was during the Improvisation HEAVY Tonic run during August 2002 — it was one of a few actual tunes played over the three nights (Hmmm, think I just got my idea for this week’s FAITU pick!). Exploration w/ Karl Denson is pretty sweet as well and builds to an incredible groove, and the following Bass’n’Sax > Bemsha/Lively is certainly a must hear … this is a super fun show …

The Fillmore, Denver, CO

enjoy the grooves,

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