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    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file 1stBank Center, Broomfield, CO
    Saturday, April 29, 2017
    One Set: Nostalgia In Times Square/Angel Race (I’ll Wait For You) > Open Improv > Start/Stop > Think > Henduck > Jelly Belly > Drum Solo, Bass Solo > 1969, Big Time > Just Like I Pictured It > Open Intro > Night Marchers

    One Set Only

    – Opened for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
    – Show moved from Red Rocks to 1stBank Center due to inclement weather

MMW @1stBank Center, Broomfield, CO 2017-04-29 Soundcheck

– ONE SET (tracks 1-15) –

A (honestly) surprising KILLER opening set by MMW at this Joe Russo’s Almost Dead gig — not that they don’t play great opening sets, because they do, but I’m surprised how much I’m digging this set! Maybe I was anxious for new MMW, but I do think this is a great set of music with a very cool set of variety, and they sound REALLY good for the arena setting.

MMW @1stBank Center, Broomfield, CO 2017-04-29 Pre-show

Opening with Nostalgia/Angel Race surprised me but sounds great in that arena space. The run from Start/Stop > Think > Henduck > Jelly Belly > Drum Solo is a great old school feel, then the Bass Solo > 1969 was probably the biggest surprise for me (there’s that word again) — haven’t heard from 1969 since 2013, but that was only a one-off, and before that it was 2009, first introduced on the 2007 acoustic tour. Cool to hear 1969! And then another classic feel with the JLIPI > Night Marchers to close, both played with some extra edge and UMMPH!

enjoy the grooves,

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