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    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file The Covered Dish, Gainesville, FL
    Tuesday, November 08, 1994
    One Set: We’re So Happy, Syeeda’s Song Flute > LCTDT(P) Open Intro > Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps)*, Shack, Bass Solo, The Lover > Friday Afternoon In The Universe, Chinoiserie, Chubb Sub

    Encore: Sequel

    One Set Only

    *on the circulating recording @00:11-00:20 there is DEAD AIR during this break — not sure this is really a set break since Billy says that LCTDT(P)+ was the last song they played; he does say it’s “”good to be back””, but I think he means the town not back on stage after a break … although, we have no record of them playing in this town before, that doesn’t mean they hadn’t, but it also doesn’t mean they had – HA! However, our MMW gig history for 1991-1993 is spotty:

    … conclusion: Noting this as a ONE SET show. (dug)

– ONE SET (tracks 1-13) –

MMW early '90s

MMW early ’90s

This show sounds great and the band is hot! Nice to have another ’94 gig in the mix … BIG THANKS to Joe for transferring some cassettes and passing me the files … this was labelled as a SBD, but Joe figured it most likely a stage recording, and I think you’ll agree as well when you hear it …

We’re So Happy is fantastic, and I always love FAITU … can’t hear enough of that one …

enjoy the grooves,

  1. this show is amazing i am starting with this one and listening to each stream in its entirety thanks for the streams much more accessible i already have most of the project downloaded but to have it all in one spot is so sweet

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