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  • MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD w/ “Bad Ass” Dominick Placco
    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX
    Tuesday, May 01, 2001
    Set 1: We Are Rolling > Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus > Coconut Boogaloo, The Dropper > The Lover > Bass Solo > Shacklyn Knights > Open Improv > Partido Alto

    Set 2: Macha, Note Bleu > Open Improv# > Hermeto’s Daydream# > Brigas Nunca Mais > Big Time > Drum Solo > Toy Dancing > Crosstown Traffic > Hey Joe > Chubb Sub

    Encore: Bass Solo > Swamp Road

    # w/ “Bad Ass” Dominick Placco on trumpet (bus driver)
    It has been noted that this show was “w/ DJ Rodriguez” — Billy announces him at the end of the show, when also mentioning Dominick having played trumpet mid-set, but NOT at the end of Set I so most likely the DJ plays in Set II, if at all. HOWEVER, after re-listening I do NOT here a DJ present *during* the show. I think perhaps he just spun before/inbetween sets and that’s what Billy is thanking him for — Billy does call him a “special guest” who is on the road with Karl Denson though, so this would seem to indicate he played during the show. If somebody at the show can verify whether DJ Rodriguez actually sat in with the band, that would be great, but based on listening I don’t hear him.
    (note by dug)

– SET I (tracks 1-8) –
– SET II (tracks 9-19) –

John Medeski @Toronto Jazz Festival, Toronto, ON 2005-06-27

John Medeski @Toronto Jazz Festival, Toronto, ON 2005-06-27


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