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This is actually a clean-up/retrack of http://db.etree.org/shn/9522

This is the last gig of the tour to feature the horns — at least the last we have, as presumably the horns returned to the same venue the next night on 4/23 but we don’t have that … anyone else got it? The show begins with a rare treat: First Time Long Time, followed by a brief Drums’n’DJ segment before landing in Think — DAMN IT! I neglected to add DJ P Love’s name to the ID3 tags … just add it yourself if you want. Sorry ’bout that!

Killing Nocturnal Transmission to close the set — I love that tune.

Medeski gets things rolling with a slightly extended Organ Intro to I Wanna Ride You, where the horns jump in again and we’re off before finishing the set nicely with a horn laden Moti Mo. Blue Pepper is a pumping encore, for sure.

enjoy the grooves,

  • MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD (w/ DJ P Love & Uninvisible Horns of Portland)

    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
    Monday, April 22, 2002
    Set 1: First Time Long Time > Drums’n’DJ > Think > Toy Dancing > Pappy Check > Fire > Smoke, Bass Solo > Ten Dollar High > Open Improv# > Nocturnal Transmission#

    Set 2: Organ Intro > I Wanna Ride You# > Wiggly’s Way# > Uninvisible#, Bass Solo > Bemsha Swing / Lively Up Yourself#, Tubby# > Moti Mo#

    Encore: Blue Pepper#

    with DJ P Love for the entire show
    # w/ Uninvisible Horns of Portland:
    Steven Bernstein (Trumpet)
    Robert Crowell (Baritone Sax)
    Peter Epstein (Tenor Sax)
    Michael Blagovich (Trombone)

– SET I (tracks 1-12) –
– SET II (tracks 13-25) –

MMW poster 2002-04-22

MMW poster 2002-04-22

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