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    Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS
    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Set 1: Open Improv > Improv > Open Improv > Improv, Bass Solo > Bass’n’Drums > Hegaz, Curtis > Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus

    Set 2: End Of The World Party > Reflector (w/ Drum Solo) > New Planet > The Lover > Bass Improv Outro > Sasa > Everyday People > Queen Bee > Whiney Bitches

    Encore: Who The Fuck?

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MMW @The Staircase, Scranton, PA 2005-05-13

MMW @The Staircase, Scranton, PA 2005-05-13

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– SET I (tracks 1-5) –
– SET II (tracks 6-13) –

The show opens in fine form with lots of exploration solidifying in a tweaked-out groove — Medeski’s keys are wild! We move through 2 incredible improvisations in the first 30min — you have to listen to these guys constructing these pieces on the fly, it’s unreal, boiling down to Chris letting loose on a Bass Solo before illyB joins back in and the two groove out and play around for a few minutes before landing into Hegaz — this is an incredible tune the guys played throughout April ’05 thanks to Brahim Fribgane bringing over this Club D’Elf tune during his sit-in @Tonic in NYC the previous March. Thought it might be the Zorn tune Ziphim for a while, but it’s a D’Elf tune, I believe written by Brahim. John sticks on piano throughout for this one which is real nice — each version of this tune is worth checking out for what the band does over the course of its brief inclusion in the live repertoire. Curtis is a hard groove resolving to the soothing wackiness of ITAHTLMJ to close the set, a tune benefiting nicely from Medeski’s ’05 key sounds.

2nd set gets going with a solid (as always) EOTWP (love that bowed bass!), with a HUGE Reflector close on its heels containing a Drum Solo which is fairly common for the tune but not a given, so I like to note it, and this jams into the nice combo of New Planet > The Lover, leading to a Bass Improv Outro that takes us to the slink of Sasa. The quietness of Everyday People follows (ya know, I honestly hardly recognize this cover!), and Queen Bee (a common closer) rocks us out to end with the cries of Whiney Bitches — what a pairing to wrap-up the set! Every version of Whiney Bitches is worth hearing as well …

Who The Fuck? is a short but VERY sweet encore — FRICKIN’ LOVE THIS PJ Harvey tune! Never listened to the original because I’m afraid how much it might ruin my love for MMW’s version … it rocks SO HARD!

enjoy the grooves,


MMW Shack Selections


  1. Hey Shack Team. I am beginning the long overdue effort to transfer the years of FLAC and SHN collecting I did throughout the 2000’s up until I just stopped the archival process and made mp3’s for a while. Anyway, I’ve already found several recordings that I don’t see on the Shack and wonder if you want them? Can I mail you a bunch of data discs? let me know.

    Kind Regards,


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