MMW Listen to playlist
    w/ Steven Bernstein & DJ Olive & others

    Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan
    Saturday, December 31, 2005

    One Set: Opening Movie’, Improv > Exploration*#+ > Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing#, Nocturne^, End Of The World Party, Organ Solo > Shackman, Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want To Die) > Drum Solo > Partido Alto$, New New Orleans, Paris#, Wiggly’s Way#, Bubblehouse#+

    Encore: Gonzo#!

    * w/ New Year’s Eve countdown
    # w/ Steven Bernstein
    + w/ DJ Olive
    ^ w/ Noh performer (Japanese traditional masked dance/drama)
    $ w/ Flamenco dancers
    ! w/ acoustic outro (Bernstein joins here)

    Note: There was a documentary movie about the band shown just before the show began.

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MMW @Differ Ariake, Koutoku, Tokyo, Japan 2005-12-31

Source info:

– ONE AUDIO SET (tracks 1-16) –

– ONE VIDEO SET (1 Playlist = 2 Youtube videos) –

MMW on NYE — doesn’t happen often! 10 years ago was the last time, and I think there’s only 2 other performances besides this one occurring on the last day of the year (1994 & 2001). The band starts off nicely with some open space before solidifying the last 2005 groove to get us going, but then the pushing, bending and teasing out of the Exploration groove is wild. When the New Year’s countdown reaches zero MMW bust back into the head of Exploration and it’s an incredible release that just drives so hard ahead — they really had fun with this tune in its limited time appearing in the live repertoire. It was played twice (that we know of) at the end of the fall ’05 tour, but this NYE performance pushes the tune in such a great and surprising way. Always meant to check out more from The Karminsky Experience, the group who MMW get the tune from, but just never did … not sure they’re my thing, but I dig the Exploration groove! MMW recorded a version of the tune for compilation released in late ’06 called ESL Remixed: The 100th Release of ESL Music. Anyway …

So, that’s the second tune — oh yeah! The first track is a recording of a documentary that aired in the room before the show, which you can see in the Youtube video below.

This is almost 3hrs of fantastic 2005 MMW, punctuated by Steven Bernstein and DJ Olive a few times, and some on stage performers you can see in the video — I HIGHLY recommend checking out the video! It’s a pro-shot video that never got released, was leaked years ago, so I’m guessing the band is fine with it — I’ll pull my links if needed though! Otherwise, enjoy the sounds via stream and/or in the video!

enjoy the grooves,


MMW Shack Selections


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