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Gotta love the mix of tunes found here and Bill Evans fits very nicely with the guys, which makes sense after the amount of time they’ve spent together now … very cool interplay … the slinking opening of Junkyard is fantastic, as is the Improv Intro to “Melodicaccordion Shuffle” — cool to hear them keeping that tune in rotation after its debut on the October acoustic tour. Hermeto’s is a wicked cool treat (I tracked out the opening since it’s a little more unusual than the “normal” opening … whatever that could mean, I guess – HA!)

NOTE: Tit For Tat is a Bill Evans tune and MMW played it on the tour they did with SoulBop in Europe during the summer of 2011. I’d found it labelled as “Rattletrap” on a YouTube video, (stupidly) presumed it was correct and used the title in the setlist for this show:

… well, the tune played that night was Tit For Tat as well — it’s a tune that Medeski guested on from Evans’ latest album, Dragonfly. Anyway, in case anyone wants to update their setlists …

enjoy the grooves,

  • MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD w/ Bill Evans
    Download MMW gig Read MMW txt file Blue Note Jazz Club, New York, NY
    Friday, December 14, 2012
    Early Show: Improv > Improv > Drums’n’Sax’n’Bass Improv > Open Improv/Intro > Hermeto’s Daydream, Wonton, Improv Intro > “Melodiccordian Shuffle”, Cool Eddie

    Late Show: Junkyard, Organ Solo > Organ’n’Bass Intro > Improv > Dixie Hop, Bemsha Swing / Lively Up Yourself, Sax Solo*, Tit For Tat (w/Drum Solo), Crosstown Traffic

    MMW Blue Note Residency 2012 – Night #4 (of 6)
    2 Shows w/ Bill Evans – alto saxophone

    * When Bill Evans finished his solo he turned to find all of MMW wearing bandanas just like he (Evans) always wears.

– EARLY SHOW (tracks 1-14) –
– LATE SHOW (tracks 15-28) –

John Medeski & Bill Evans 2012-12-14 @Blue Note, NYC, NY

John Medeski & Bill Evans 2012-12-14 @Blue Note, NYC, NY

Chris Wood & Billy Martin 2012-12-14 @Blue Note, NYC, NY

Chris Wood & Billy Martin 2012-12-14 @Blue Note, NYC, NY


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